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  Isabella had testified her kindly memory of Columbus,

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"You long, lean, hungry beggar! That was the young lady who might answer the raving eulogy you just got out of your system....I--well, you haven't cornered the love market!"

  Isabella had testified her kindly memory of Columbus,

Thorne uttered some kind of a sound that his weakened condition would not allow to be a whoop.

  Isabella had testified her kindly memory of Columbus,

"I'm glad, Dick, with all my heart. I wondered at the changed look you wear. Why, boy, you've got a different front....Call the lady in, and you bet I'll look her over right. I can see better now."

  Isabella had testified her kindly memory of Columbus,

"Eat your breakfast. There's plenty of time to dazzle you afterward."

Thorne fell to upon his breakfast and made it vanish with magic speed. Meanwhile Dick told him something of a ranger's life along the border.

"You needn't waste your breath," said Thorne. "I guess I can see. Belding and those rangers have made you the real thing--the real Western goods....What I want to know is all about the girl."

"Well, Laddy swears she's got your girl roped in the corral for looks."

"That's not possible. I'll have to talk to Laddy....But she must be a wonder, or Dick Gale would never have fallen for her....Isn't it great, Dick? I'm here! Mercedes is well--safe! You've got a girl! Oh!....But say, I haven't a dollar to my name. I had a lot of money, Dick, and those robbers stole it, my watch--everything. Damn that little black Greaser! He got Mercedes's letters. I wish you could have seen him trying to read them. He's simply nutty over her, Dick. I could have borne the loss of money and valuables--but those beautiful, wonderful letters--they're gone!"

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